Dr. Schwarz Ori

Dr. Schwarz Ori
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Refereed Journal Articles:

Schwarz, Ori (2017) 'Cultures of Choice: Towards a sociology of choice as a cultural phenomenon', British Journal of Sociology, DOI: 10.1111/1468-4446.12305

18. Schwarz, Ori (2017) '"Everything is Designed to Make an Impression": the moralization of aesthetic judgment and the hedonistic ethic of authenticity', European Journal of Cultural Studies.

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* 2017 winner of the SAGE Prize for Innovation and/or Excellence, awarded by the British Sociological Association and Sage Publications.

Schwarz, Ori (2016) 'The Symbolic Economy of Authenticity as a Form of Symbolic Violence: The Case of Middle-class Ethnic Minorities', Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory 17(1): 2-19

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* 2016 winner of the Louis Guttman Best Article Prize, awarded by the Israeli Sociological Society.

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            * reprinted in: Hughes, Jason and John Goodwin (2014) Documentary & Archival Research, vol.3, London: Sage.

Books Chapters:

Schwarz, Ori (2017) 'Emotional Ear Drops: the Music Industry and Technologies of Emotional Management', in Eva Illouz (ed.) Emotions as Commodities: Capitalism, Consumption and Authenticity, London: Routledge.*

            *German translation: Schwarz, Ori (Forthcoming 2018), 'Emotionale Ohrentropfen: Die Musikindustrie und  die Technologien der Gefühlssteuerung', in Eva Illouz (ed.) Wa(h)re Gefühle: Authentizität im Konsumkapitalismus, Frankfurt: Suhrkamp.

Schwarz, Ori (2011) 'Place Beyond Place: on Artifacts, Religious Technologies, and the Mediation of the Sacred Place', In Daniel R. Schwartz & Zeev Weiss (eds.), Was 70 C.E. Really a Watershed in Jewish History?, Leiden: Brill.


Book Reviews:

Schwarz, Ori (2015) Points of Reference: Changing Identities and Social Positioning in Israeli Society, Shavit, Ze'ev, Orna Sasson-Levy, and Guy Ben-Porat (eds), 2014, reviewed in Israeli Sociology 16(2):199-201 [in Hebrew].

Schwarz, Ori (2010) The Inner History of Devices, S. Turkle (ed.), 2008, reviewed in Cultural Sociology 4(2):312-315.