Dr. Limor Gabay-Egozi

Director, BA Departmental Committee
Dr. Limor Gabay-Egozi
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I received my PhD from Tel-Aviv University in 2011. Before coming to Bar-Ilan University I was a postdoctoral research associate at the Center for Research on Inequalities and the Life Course (CIQLE) at Yale University (2012-2014), and I also had held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Sociology at the University of Haifa (2010-2011). My main areas of interest include Social Stratification, the Sociology of Education, Rational Choice in Education, and Research Methods.


Research fields: 

As a sociologist with interest in stratification, I mainly focus my research projects on the question who gets ahead and who falls behind. My research interests are in sociological questions of stratification and inequality in education and the labor market focusing on gender, class, race, and sibship structure. My research so far has focused on the educational system with data from Israel and the US.

In my dissertation I used mixed-methods to examine the role of educational choice as a stratifying mechanism in the educational attainment process, specifically the choice of middle-school and advanced course-selection in high school. In a follow-up research, conducted by interviewing Arab and Jewish families living in Jaffa, I aim at understanding educational choice within the context of a diverse community and the its effects on class and ethno-religious identity. 

In another line of research I examine the reversal of the gender gap in college completion in the US, collaborating with Richard Breen (Yale University). Using nationally representative survey data sets we study how sibship size has affected trends in college completion in the United States, with different outcomes across gender and birth cohorts. In a related project we use cross-national analysis to examine how we can explain cross-national variation in college graduation among male-students.

Family background is considered to be a primary source of interest and motivation towards STEM careers, yet research often ignores parental field of occupation. Seeing parents as role models and their occupations as a source of labor market information, I aim to test the role of parents’ occupational fields in “channeling” students to gendered STEM-career. 

Recently I started a project with Natalie Nitsche (Vienna Institute of Demography) and Lloyd Grieger (Yale University) focusing on the effects of the ‘pre-gendered’ environment that subsequent children are being born into and brought up in on gendered educational and occupational choices throughout the educational career and then later in life. 

Collaborating with Lloyd Grieger (Yale University) in another line of research we examine the association between class sizes of pupils and class sizes of teacher, applying Preston's 1976 model of family size.


Refereed Articles 
Gabay-Egozi, L., Shavit, Y. and Yaish, M. "Curricular Choice: A Test of a Rational Choice Model of education". European Sociological Review, 26, no. 4 (2010): 447-463 

Under Review in Refereed Articles 
Gabay-Egozi, L. “School Choice in Stratified Geography: Space, Place and Self-Interested Parents”.
Gabay-Egozi, L., Shavit, Y. and Yaish, M. “Gender Differences in Fields of Study: The Role of Significant Others and Rational Choice Motivations“. (R&R)

Other Publications 
Gabay-Egozi, L. “The Dangers of the Psychometric Revolution”. Haaretz, Articles and Opinions, January 11 (2011), http://www.haaretz.co.il/hasite/spages/1208980.html (in Hebrew).
Gabay-Egozi, L. Book Review: “On the Power of Education: From Key Experiences to Turning Points”, by Gad Yair, Israeli Sociology, 2, (2008): 500-502 (in Hebrew)