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Prof. Larissa Remennick
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My publications can be found at Academia and Research Gate websites (free access)
List of Publications in English
Books (as author)
Remennick, L. Russian Jews on Three Continents: Identity, Integration, and Conflict. Transaction - International Social Science Publisher (Rutgers University, New Jersey). 2007. 410 pp.; paperback edition 2012.
Remennick L.  The Cancer Problem in the Context of Modernity: Sociology, Demography, Politics. Current Sociology (special issue). Sage: 1998 (46:1), 150pp. Current Sociologyis a Journal of the International Sociological Association. This work has been published as a single-author monograph.

Books (as editor)

Remennick, L. (editor). Russian Israelis: Social Mobility, Politics and Culture. Routledge/Taylor & Francis (UK), December 2011. This is a book version of a Special Issue of 'Israel Affairs", 2011, v.17 (1). 

Chapters in edited volumes
Remennick, L. The Russian-Jewish Diaspora at the Beginning of the Twenty-First     Century. In: Kim Knott and Seán McLoughlin (Eds.). Diasporas: Concepts, Intersections, Identities,   London, NY: ZED Books, 2010, pp.187-193.
Remennick, L. Between Reproductive Citizenship and Consumerism: Attitudes towards Assisted Reproduction Technologies among Jewish and Arab Israeli Women. Daphna Birenbaum-Carmeli and Yoram Carmeli (Eds.) Kin, Gene, Community: Reproductive Technologies among Jewish Israelis. Oxford and NY: Berghahn, 2010, pp.318-339.
Remennick, L. Former Soviet Jews in the New/Old Homeland: Between Integration and Separatism. In Takeyuki Tsuda (Ed). Diasporic Homecomings: Ethnic Return Migrations of the late 20th Century, Chapter 8. Stanford University Press, 2009.
Remennick, L. The Place of Israel - Symbolic and Real - in the Life of Russian-Soviet Jewry. Chapter 18 in: Danny Ben-Moshe and Zohar Segev (Eds.) Israel, the Diaspora and Jewish Identity, Brighton & Portland: Sussex Academic Press (UK), 2007, pp. 286-301.
Remennick L. Articles "Diaspora" and "Transnationalism", New Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. NY & London: Blackwell, 2006.
Remennick, L. Case Study in Transnationalism: Russian Jewish Immigrants in Israel of the 1990s. In: R. Munz and R. Ohliger (eds). Diasporas and Ethnic Migrants. Germany, Israel and Post-Soviet Successor States in Comparative Perspective. London & Portland, OR: Frank Cass, 2003, pp.370-384.
Remennick L. Women with a Russian Accent in Israel: Gender Aspects of Immigration. In: Kelson, G. and DeLaet, D. (eds.) Immigration and Gender: Implications for Social Policy. London: Macmillan, 1999, pp.163-185.
Remennick L. Identity Quest among Russian Jews of the 1990s: Before and After Emigration. In: Krausz E. & Tulea G. (eds) Jewish Survival: The Identity Problem at the Close of the 20th Century. New Brunswick & London: Transaction, 1998, pp.241-258.
Amir D., Remennick L., and Elimelech Y. Educating Lena: Women Immigrants and ‘Integration’ Policies in Israel. The Politics of Reproduction and Family Planning. In: Lewin-Epstein N. et al. (eds) Russian Jews on Three Continents: Migration and Resettlement. London: Frank Cass, 1997, pp.495-509.
Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Remennick, L. The Two Waves of Russian-Jewish Migration from the USSR/FSU to Israel: Dissidents of the 1970s and Pragmatics of the 1990s. Special Issue Re-imagining Diasporas and Generations (ed. By M.L. Berg and S. Eckstein). Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies 2009, 18 (1-2): 44-66. Published in Winter 2015.


Khvorostianov N. and Remennick, L. Immigration and Generational Solidarity: Elderly Soviet Immigrants and their Adult Children in Israel. Forthcoming in the Special Issue Intergenerational Family Relations in the Multi-Cultural Society of Israel (ed. by A. Lowenstein and R. Katz). Journal of Intergenerational Relations (March 2015, 13 (1)).


Prashizky, A. and Remennick, L. Cultural Capital in Migration: Fishka Association of Young Russian-Speaking Adults in Tel-Aviv, Israel.  Journal of Intercultural Studies 2014, 36 (1): 1-18. 

Remennick, L. “We Do Not Own Our Children:” Transformation of Parental Attitudes and Practices in Two Generations of Russian Israelis. Forthcoming in Journal of International Migration and Integration (JIMI/RIMI).
Prashizky A. and Remennick, L. Gender and Symbolic Citizenship among Non-Jewish Immigrants from the former Soviet Union in Israel. Forthcoming in Citizenship Studies.


Remennick, L. Transnational Lifestyle among Russian Israelis: A Follow-Up Study. Global Networks 2013, 13(4): 478-497.


Remennick, L. Intergenerational Transfer in Israeli-Russian Immigrant Families: Parental Social Mobility and Children’s Integration. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2012, 38(10): 1533-1550.

Remennick, L. Professional Identities in Transit: Factors Shaping Immigrant Success on the Labour Market. International Migration, 2013, 51(1):152-168. Online publication available at:


Remennick, L. Twenty Years Together: the ‘Great Aliyah’ and Russian Israelis in the Mirror of Social Research. An Introduction to the Special Issue (Guest Editor – L.Remennick). Israel Affairs, 2011, 17(1): 1-6.
Remennick, L. The Russian-Jewish Transnational Social Space: An Overview. Journal of Jewish Identities, Special Issue: Russian Diaspora (eds. Rachel Harris and Anna Ronell). 2011, Issue 4 No 1: 1-12.
Remennick, L. Exploring Intercultural Relationships: A Study of Russian Immigrants Married to Native Israelis. Journal of Comparative Family Studies. Nov 2009, 40(5): 719-738. 
Remennick, L. Subjective Health, Aging, and Menopause among Native and Immigrant Jewish Women in Israel. Women and Health 2008, 47(1): 65-82.
Remennick, L. Contested Motherhood in the Ethnic State: Voices from an Israeli Postpartum Ward. Ethnicities 2008, 8(2): 199-226.
Remennick, L. “Being a Woman is Different Here:” Changing Attitudes towards Femininity, Sexuality, and Gender Roles among Former Soviet Women Living in Greater Boston. Women's Studies International Forum, 2007, 30: 326-341.
Remennick, L.The Quest after the Perfect Baby: Why Do Israeli Women Seek   Prenatal Genetic Testing? Sociology of Health and Illness 2006, 28(1): 21-53.
Remennick, L. The Challenge of Early Breast Cancer Detection among Immigrant and Minority Women in Multicultural Societies The Breast Journal, 2006, Vol.12, Suppl.1, S103-S110.
Remennick, L. Russian Jews in the Global City of Toronto: A Pilot Study of Identity and Social Integration. Espaces, Populations, Sociétiés (Special Issue “Diaspora and Metropolis”), 2006, No 1: 61-81.
Remennick, L. Resetting the Rules of the Game: Language Preferences and Social Relations of Work between Russian Immigrants and Veteran Professionals in an Israeli Organization. Journal of International Migration and Integration 2005,6(1): 1-28.
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Research report
 Remennick, L. Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Context of Post-Communist Transition in Russia.Position Paper for the Division of Sexual and Reproductive Health of the World Health Organization, European Region, Copenhagen, 2001.
 Updated May 2015


*  International Migration: Comparative Sociological View

*  Selected Issues in Jewish Sociology and Demography

*  Former-Soviet Immigrants in Israel and in the West:

    Social Integration and Well-Being

*  Soviet Jewry and Emigration in the 20th Century

*  Immigrant women: Family, Health and Well-Being

Introduction to Social Epidemiology

*  Gender and Health: Demographic and Psychosocial Aspects

*  Sociology and Politics of Reproduction

*  Cancer and Cancer Control through the Lens of Social Science


Research fields: 

My publications can be found at Academia and Research Gate websites (free access)

Sociological analysis of women's health and reproduction (fertility, birth control, assisted reproductive technologies);

Immigration, ethnicity and ethnic diasporas, modes of immigrant integration and cultural transitions; transnational social fields

Former Soviet Jews and global Russian-Jewish diaspora;

Immigrant youth and the emerging second generation

Immigration and inter-generational relations (parenting, solidarity, etc.)


Larissa Remennick, Ph.D. is Professor of Sociology and former Chair of the Department. She joined Bar-Ilan's Sociology and Anthropology faculty in 1994, a few years after her immigration to Israel from Moscow. Prof. Remennick received her Demography and Sociology of Health in 1988 from the Institute of Sociology in Moscow, affiliated with the Academy of Sciences, and then worked as post-doctoral fellow at Oxford University in UK. Her work in Russia focused on the social aspects of women's health and fertility, including reproductive cancers and family planning (e.g., high abortion rates). After moving to Israel in 1991, Larissa continued her former line of work in Medical Sociology (with the new focus on assisted reproductive technologies), but also added new interests in immigration and migrant integration. Over the last 15 years, Prof. Remennick has conducted and published multiple studies on the various aspects of former Soviet immigration to Israel, including health and well-being, gender and family matters, occupational continuity for immigrant professionals, language patterns, and cultural encounter with Israeli society. She has also studied Russian Jewish immigration of the 1990s comparatively, i.e. looking at the integration patterns of Russian-speaking Jews in Israel and in the Western countries, and the formation of the global Russian-Jewish diaspora. Larissa has published three books in Russian and two books in English, as well as about 80 articles in the major journals in the areas of health, gender, immigration, ethnicity, and Jewish studies. Her most recent book is "Russian Jews on Three Continents: Identity, Integration, and Conflict" (Transaction, 2007, 2012).