Prof. Ilana Friedrich Silber

Prof. Ilana Friedrich Silber
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Professor Ilana Silber's major fields of interest are sociological theory, cultural sociology, and the sociology of gift-giving and philanthropy, to which she brings a crosscutting engagement with comparative historical and interpretative cultural analysis.
Her current research deals with the emergence of a local field of philanthropy in Israeli society as reflected in interviews with major donors and fund-raisers. Another long term project aim at developing a macrocomparative, historical and cultural approach to the sociology of giving and gift-relationships. This includes an interest in both past and present forms of religious giving and their implications in the domain of gift theory.
Professor Silber currently supervises several Ph.d. dissertations in the field of philanthropy, with as pecial focus on the ethnographic exploration of patterns of interaction between donors and ngo’s.


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Ilana F. Silber, Fields of Research:

Sociological Theory

Sociology of Gift-Relationships

Sociology of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations

Sociology of Culture

Sociology of Religion

Comparative Historical Sociology