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*This article won the Society of Social Work Research 2005 Excellence in Research Award 
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Under Review
Offer, Shira and Barbara Schneider. "Revisiting the Gender Gap in Time-Use Patterns: Multitasking and Well-Being among Mothers and Fathers."
Offer, Shira. "Barriers to Social Support among Low-Income Families."
Offer, Shira. "Towards an Interactional Model of Social Fragmentation among Low-Income Families: Exclusion, Withdrawal and the Principle of Reciprocity Reconsidered."
Offer, Shira and Michal Sabah. “The Rise of Dual-Earner Families among Arab Israelis: Determinants of Married Women’s Labor Force Participation”


Research fields: 
Sociology of the Family,
Social Stratification,
Social Support and SocialNetworks

Immigrant Communities


Shira Offer joined the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Bar-Ilan University as a lecturer in 2006. She received her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Chicago. From 2002-06 she worked as a research analyst at the Alfred P. Sloan Center on Parents, Children, and Work at the University of Chicago.

Her main research interests include sociology of families, social support networks, gender, work and family, and poverty and inequality. As a sociologist studying families, Offer's research is motivated by the concern of how the current social, cultural, and economic climate affects the well-being and functioning of parents and children. Over the last six years she has undertaken two main research projects: (1) time uses among dual-earner families, and (2) low-income mothers' social support networks. She has published a number of articles in such journals as the American Sociological Review, Journal of Marriage and Family, Social Forces, The Sociological Quarterly, Community, Work, and Family, Racial and Ethnic Studies, and Current Sociology.