Dr. Baruch Shimoni

Director, Graduate Program in Organizational Consulting
Dr. Baruch Shimoni
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Baruch Shimoni has a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and did his post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Anthropology at Yale University (2003-2005). Based on ethnographic research conducted in five countries, in his publications Dr. Shimoni has searched for the state of cultures in the global business system. In the course of the last 25 years, he has developed a professional career that integrates academic research with practical consulting. His challenge has been to enhance his practical engagement with the most current research and theoretical insights. In addition to research and teaching, he founded and now serves as the Academic head of M.A. program in Sociology with a specialization in Organization Development and consult to organizations outside the university.

In his most recent research project, Dr. Shimoni uses the concept of habitus, which links the individual and the social, in order to overcome the dichotomist paradigm that dominates the field of Organizational Development (OD). This dichotomy poses an individual-oriented approach, which neglects structural forces such as politics, culture and ideology, against a structural-oriented approach, which neglects social agents' practices and processes of interpretation and comprehension.

Linking the individual and the social, actually seeing them as two sides of the same coin, enables Dr. Shimoni to understand processes of change not as "either-or situations", thus  only partially representing each, but as "both-and" situations, two simultaneous moments in which the individual and the social together promote or obstruct change.


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  • Organization Development
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Identity and Culture in Israel: Mizrahiut
  • Philanthropy in Israel



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