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   List of Dissertations Completed (Since 2000)
Azulay, Naama
HEBREWS WE ARE AND OUR HEARTS WILL WE WORSHIP: Contemporary Secular Activism for Jewish Renaissance in Israel
Prof. E. Tabory
Toledano, Riki
From "Welfare Capitalism" to "Business for Social Responsibility:": An Historical and Ethnographic Case-Study of an Israeli Bank
Dr. I. Silber
Golberg, Ilana
Hunger and the Social Imaginary in Times of Disparity
Prof. H. Hazan;
Dr. I. silber
Kachtan, Dana
Transparent Army, colored Soldiers – The Construction of Ethnic Ientity in the Israeli Army
Dr. O. Sasson-Levy
Sharabi, Asaf
'Boundary Work' in the Teshuvah Movement in Israel
Prof. H. Hazan
Kahad, Kinneret
Rethinking Singlehood: The Discursive Consgtruction of Family, Time and Choice
Prof. H. Hazan;
Dr. I. Silber
Lache-Yacov, Dina
Hope in Action in the Land of Promise: A Comparative Study of Filipino and North American Transnational Migrants in Israel
Prof. L. Remennick
Ben-Yosef, Shay
"there is a Solution for each Settler: - Community Aspects of Gush Katif Evacuees Rehabilitation
Prof. Yona Ginsberg
Avhar, Keren
An Israeli Yemenite Family Gathering: Constructing a Traditional Identity in a Post Modern Society
Prof. N. Rubin
Stein, Nelly
Identity Positioning – Anger and Shame as Explicators of Sexual and Romantic Behaviors of Isareli Youth in Late Adolescence
Dr. O. Benjamin
Haber, Karmit
Israeli Humanitarian Aid Abroad – A Field of Civic Action in formation
Dr. I. Silber
Horowicz, Hadas
Same but Different: Various Meanings of Attachment to Place
Prof. Y. Ginsberg
Marmon, Naomi
The intersection of tradition and modernity: An examination of the interface of Taharat Hamishpacha and identiy among modern Orthodox women and men
Dr. E. Tabory
Medler-Liraz, Hana
Leadership and Emotions: The Influence of Manager's Leadership Style and Emotional Skills on the Emotional Experience of his Subordinates and Customers
Dr. R. Kark-Katz;
Dr. M. Popper
Doron, Shlomi
Rites of Passage and Personal Definitional Ceremonies In the Process "of "Hazara Betshuvah"-"Hazara Beshe'elah
Prof. N. Rubin
Hollander, Einat
"The New Israeli Man"? Changes in Constructions of Masculinity in an" Inter-Generational Perspective
Prof. L. Remennick
Oz-Abeshitz, Yifat
To be a Woman" in Kfar Hamaskilim"
Dr. O. Sasson-Levy
Prashizky, Ana
Wedding Rituals in Israeli Society: Comparative Study of Ritualization and Performativity
Dr. I. Silber
Silman, Neomi
The Symbolic Meaning of Wine in Jewish Culture
Prof. N. Rubin;
Dr. S. Cooper
Tillinger, Efrat
The Personal Experience of Chronic Illness Among Young People in Israel: Content Analysis of Illness Narratives Published in Local Newspapers
Dr. D. Rier
Canyon, Smadar
The Medical Profession in Israel: Between Professional Elitism and Chronic Victimization
The Field of Medical Practice in the Context of Legal and Judicial Transformations
Prof. M. Harrison;
Dr. I. Silber
Kamin-Shaaltiel Sharon
Emotional Ambivalence among Israeli Couples Who Direct Their Relations Toward Egalitarianism
Dr. E. Tabory
Korn, Liat
The Nargila Smoking Phenomenon among Teen-agers in Israel A Sociological Analysis
Dr. Y. Harel
Nuni-Weiss, Efrat
The Social Construction of the Scientific Object in the Research Laboratory
Prof. N. Rubin;
Prof. H. Hazan
Zalcberg, Sima
The World of the Hassidic Women of "Toldot Aharon": Their Status as Individuals and as a Group
Prof. M. Friedman

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