Dr. Nadav Gabay

Dr. Nadav Gabay
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Dr. Nadav Gabay received his M.A. and PhD in Sociology from the University of California, San Diego and joined our department after doing a two-years postdoc in Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University. His areas of expertise include Political Sociology, Comparative Historical Sociology, Surveys and Public Opinion, Organizational Sociology and Sociology of Knowledge. Integrating qualitative and quantitative data and methods, his research explores how the organization and content of social relations, mediated through formal institutions, produces, maintains or transforms knowledge and identities. His work is specifically concerned with the history, politics and social organization of public policy-making: its relationship to public opinion and to political culture, and the role of public investigations in the development of social knowledge. His PhD Dissertation, which he is currently revising for book publication, traces the origin of social science to changes in the organization culture of the British parliament during the first half of the nineteenth century and shows how the publicity of parliamentary debates and proceedings in the national Press triggered innovative cultural practices of policy-making and legislation and conditioned specific patterns of public investigation and publication that turned social knowledge into a domain of scientific expertise. This study was awarded “The Best Dissertation in British politics” by the American Political Science Association. His research and publications also include several studies on the role of State-Established Commissions of Inquiry in managing political and social conflicts, several studies on the implication of Tax policies on social protest in OECD countries, an exploration of Paid Maternity Leave policies in OECD countries, which traces their origins to a collaboration between Women organizations and Trade Unions in Europe, a neo-institutional study of the gap in visibility and legitimacy between Economics  and Economic Sociology in the United Sates and their consequence effect on public policy, and a study of the effect of Yitzchak Rabin’s assassination on Israel’s public peacemaking policy.


Research fields: 
Historical and Organizational Study of Legislative Politics and Public/Social Policy
Knowledge Management in Political Organizations
Cultural Politics of Policy Investigations
19th Century British Parliamentary Politics
19th Century Anglo-American Newspaper Press
History of Social Science
Tax Policy and Tax protest in OECD Countries
Political Culture and Identity Politics

Political Violence