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Guy Shani obtained his PhD in 2018 from Tel-Aviv University, he is currently  a postdoctoral fellow at the at Bat-Ilan University and a lecturer at the Academic College Tel Aviv-Jaffa and at the College of Management. Guy’s two main research interests are – middle-class life course and major life-choices, and  the local formation of middle-class identities. His work utilizes qualitative, quantitative, and spatial methodologies, and bring together cultural sociology, urban sociology and Bourdieusian analysis into a novel framework for exploring the relationship between place, class and identity.

His Research compares the residential choices of first-time homebuyers among the middle-class residents of the central city of Tel-Aviv and the more peripheries city of Beersheba, and demonstrates the local formation of esthetical tastes, life-course patterns, and attitudes towards diversity. Additionally, Guy has studied political de-friending on Facebook, and middle-class student’s choice of university major. He published his research in several articles in peer-reviewed journal.

Currently Guy is involved in three projects. The first s developing a sociological model of residential choice-making, the second explores the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on young adults from different positions within the middle-class, and the third is an international comparison of the impact of teachers’ cultural capital on cultural reproduction in education.


Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Shani, Guy. Accepted for publication. “A ‘Pleasant’ Place to Live: Class Comfort Zone and             Middle-Class Attitudes Towards Diversity” (In Hebrew). Israeli Sociology.

Shani, Guy, and Eyal Bar-Haim. 2020. “Globalization, Place and the Life Course: Local Economies and Middle-Class Transition to Adulthood in Two Israeli Cities.” Current Sociology 68(7):913–31.

Shani, Guy. 2019. "How Place Shapes Taste: The Local Formation of Middle-Class Residential                Preferences in Two Israeli Cities.Journal of Consumer Culture.

Schwarz, Ori, and Guy Shani. 2016. “Culture in Mediated Interaction: Political Defriending on                Facebook and The Limits of Networked Individualism.” American Journal of Cultural                Sociology 4 (3): 385–421.

Book Chapters

Gigi, Moti and Guy Shani*. Forthcoming. “Between Shluchim and Shlochim: The Ethno-Class History of an Ethnic Slur in Israel (in Hebrew).” In Writing Mizrachit in the 21’th Century (lexicon). Kav-Adom, Hakibbutz Hameuchad.

               * In alphabetical order

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