Shlomo Guzmen-Carmeli- Publications

  • Guzmen-Carmeli, Shlomo. Forthcoming. Encounters around the Text, an Anthropological Examination of Jewish Textuality. Haifa: Haifa University Press (Hebrew).  Winner of the Bahat Grant for outstanding academic manuscripts for 2017.
  • Guzmen-Carmeli, Shlomo and Sharabi, Asaf. 2014. "The Holy Contract: The Social Contract of the Toldos Aharon Hasidic Dynasty.” Social Compass 61 (3): 290-309.
  • Guzmen-Carmeli, Shlomo and Rubin, Nisan. 2014. "’Tikkun' (Divine Repair) and Healing in a Kabbalistic Yeshiva: Using Sacred Texts as Instrumental Devices." Contemporary Jewry 34 (3): 217-241. 
  • Guzmen-Carmeli, Shlomo and Sharabi, Asaf. 2017. "Textual Healing, Tailor Made Kabbalistic Therapeutics" (Forthcoming, Anthropology & Medicine).