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The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. study programs. 

The Undergraduate Program
In keeping with the goals of the Department, the undergraduate program has two main emphases:

a) General Studies in theory and methodology, which include introductory courses in Sociology, Anthropology and Social Psychology, classical and contemporary theories in Sociology and Anthropology; Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, as well as Statistical Analysis.

b) Studies focusing on specific social topics, including required courses on Israeli society and on the Comparative Analysis of Social Institutions, and elective courses on a wide range of contemprary issues and problems. 

As a means of helping students integrate the general and substantive topics that they encounter during their studies, the Department requires participation in two seminars during the final year of study. The purpose of the seminars is to enable students to apply the sociological and anthropological concepts, theories, and methodologies that they have acquired and to engage in actual research.  Within this framework, students prepare independent research projects under the close personal supervision of their professors.

Students interested in sociology and anthropology as a secondary specialization ("minor") may select their major from any other department with the Faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities, Jewish studies and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The flexibility of the Sociology and Anthropology program enables these students to fully complement their major interest in these fields.

Studies Toward the M.A. Degree
The M.A. Program is designed to further the student's general knowledge in Sociology and Anthropology, while also enabling him/her to focus on a specific sub-field of specialization. The program aims to train independent researchers, as well as to prepare graduates for professional careers in a variety of applied fields. The M.A. Program offers specializations in Organizational Sociology, Social Psychology, Society & Culture, Anthropology, and the Sociology of Health (the last three specializations are grouped together under the Society & Culture M.A. program).

Students select one of two tracks:
Track A (with thesis). This track is a prerequisite for Ph.D. studies. Approximately sixteen course credits are required.
Track B (without thesis). This track is designed for those who wish to specialize in their field but who do not wish to receive training as independent researchers. Approximately twenty course credits are required.
Studies Towards the Ph.D. Degree
Doctoral candidates are expected to acquire a broad and in-depth knowledge of Sociology and Anthropology. The program of studies is individually prepared in consultation with the Department Committee for Advanced Studies and with the student's supervisor. The program will generally include an advanced seminar in theory, a seminar in methodology, and an additional seminar requiring approval by the Departmental Committee for Advanced Studies. At least six credit hours are required.

For students needing to supplement their knowledge in Sociology, a supplementary program will be formulated on an individual basis.

The doctoral candidate is required to submit a research proposal at the end of the first year. The proposal is subject to the approval of both the Department and the University Doctoral Committee.

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