The Undergraduate Program

Director: Dr. Limor Gabay-Egozi

In keeping with the goals of the Department, the undergraduate program has two main emphases:

  1. General Studies in theory and methodology, which include introductory courses in Sociology, Anthropology and Social Psychology; classical and contemporary theories in Sociology and Anthropology; Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods; Statistical Analysis.
  2.  Studies focusing on specific social topics, including a required course on Israeli society, and elective courses on a wide range of contemporary issues and problems. 

As a means of helping students integrate the general and substantive topics that they encounter during their studies, the Department requires participation in two seminars during the final year of study. These seminars prepare students both to apply the sociological and anthropological concepts, theories, and methodologies acquired, and to conductactual research.  Within this framework, students prepare independent research projects under the close personal supervision of their professors.

Students may study sociology and anthropology as a sole specialization (the “broad study” track), or as one of two specializations.