The Undergraduate Program

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In keeping with the goals of the Department, a syllabus composed of two primary elements has been formulated:

a) General Studies, which include introductory courses in Sociology, Anthropology and Social Psychology, classical and contemporary theories in Sociology and Anthropology; Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, as well as Statistical Analysis;

b) Studies focusing on a variety of topics, including required courses on Israeli society and on the Comparative Analysis of Social Institutions, as well as other topics that are taught periodically.

As a means of helping students integrate the general and substantive topics that they encounter during their studies, the Department requires participation in two seminars during the final year of study. The purpose of these seminar is to enable the students to engage in an actual sociological or anthropological research project under the close personal supervision of their professors.
Students thus have the opportunity to apply the theories, concepts, and methodologies that they have learned in the formulation of research questions and their investigation. 

Students interested in sociology and anthropology as a minor subject may select their major from any other department with the Faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities, Jewish studies and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The flexibility of the Sociology and Anthropology program enables these students to fully complement their major interest in these fields.

Last Updated Date : 09/09/2014