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"Sociological Papers" (SP)
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The Institute was found as a research unit affiliated with the Social Sciences Faculty at Bar-Ilan Unversity in 1982, and for many years it was headed by Prof. Ernest Krausz and Dr. Gita Tulea. Since 2005, the Institute's new Director has been Prof. Larissa Remennick, and Dr. Ana Prashitzky is its current academic coordinator. The Institute has sponsored several research projects focusing on various Jewish confessions and relations between them and secular Israelis; the issues of Jewish identity in Israel and in the Diaspora, immigration and ethnic communities. The Institute initiated publication of an edited monograph series by Transaction Publishers at Rutgers University, NJ; among these volumes are "Jewish Survival: The Identity Problem at the Close of the Twentieth Century" (1998) and "Starting the 21 Century: Sociological Reflections and Challenges" (2002). 
The journal "Sociological Papers" (SP) is published by the Institute once a year. This academic publication, supported by Leon Tamman Foundation since 1992, targets broad audiences interested in Jewish studies in Israel and across the world and is therefore published in English. SP's publication policy is rather flexible: We prefer original contributions not published or submitted elsewhere, but are ready to consider also revised versions of previously published papers or book chapters, especially when the original publication was in Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, etc. (not in English). The advantage of SP is in its rapid pace of editorial process and publication, reflecting our independent status and flexibility.
Series Editor : Larissa Remennick 
Larissa Remennick was born and educated in Moscow, Russia (Ph.D. from the Institute of Sociology, 1988) and immigrated to Israel in 1991. She joined Bar-Ilan faculty in 1994 and is currently professor at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. She is also Director of Sociological Institute for the Study of Jewish Communities and Editor of Sociological Papers series published by the Institute. Among other subjects, she studied extensively the immigration and acculturation experiences of post-Soviet Jewry in Israel and in the West. Prof. Remennick has authored over 70 articles and three books in English (as well as three books in her native Russian), multiple book chapters and encyclopedia entries. Her book Russian Jews on Three Continents: Identity, Integration, and Conflict (Transaction, 2007, paperback 2012) became a popular reference in sociology of immigration and in Jewish studies.

Managing Editor : Ana Prashizky 
Ana Prashizky was born in Petrozavodsk, Russia and immigrated to Israel with her family in 1991. In 2006 she received Ph.D from Sociology and Anthropology Department at Bar-Ilan University. She is Managing Editor of "Sociological Papers" and adjunct lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ashkelon Academic College. Her research interests are in the area of ritual studies and especially in alternative weddings and funerals among secular Israelis. Her recent studies focus on the patterns of personal and collective memory in Orthodox and alternative weddings, and on the authority of alternative ritual masters in non-Orthodox weddings.

International Academic Advisory Board
  • Barker, Eileen. London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Ben-Rafael, Eliezer. Tel-Aviv University
  • Birnbaum, Pierre. Universite de Paris, Sorbonne
  • Cernea, Michael M. George Washington University
  • Davids, Leo. York University
  • Davies, Christie. University of Reading
  • DellaPergola, Sergio. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Deshen, Shlomo. Tel-Aviv University
  • Ellemers, Jo E. University of Groningen
  • Gould, Julius. University of Nottingham
  • Heilman, Samuel C. The City University of New York
  • Kosmin, Barry A. Jewish Institute for Policy Research, London
  • Miller, Stephen H. City University, London
  • Moscovici, Serge. Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales, Paris
  • Ro'I, Yaacov. Tel Aviv University
  • Shaffir, William. McMaster University
  • Shoked, Moshe. Tel-Aviv University
Executive Committee 
Sociological Institute for Community Studies
  • Shmuel Sandler (Chairman)
  • Larissa Remennick (Director)
  • Ephraim Tabory
  • Moshe Gat
  • Margalit Shilo


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