Master Degree

Director:  Dr. Michal Pagis 

Studies Toward the M.A. Degree
The M.A. Program is designed to further the students' general knowledge in Sociology and Anthropology, while also enabling them to focus on a specific specialty. The program aims to train independent researchers, as well as to prepare graduates for professional careers in a variety of applied fields.  The M.A. Program offers specializations in:  Social Psychology; Organizational Consulting; Organizational Sociology; and Society & Culture.  


Students select one of two tracks:
Track A (with thesis). This track is a prerequisite for Ph.D. studies.  Sixteen course credits are required.
Track B (without thesis). This track is designed for those who wish to specialize in their field, but who do not wish to receive training as independent researchers.  Eighteen course credits are required.

Study Programs

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers four specialization programs:

Organizational Sociology (Thesis track)

Organizational Consulting (Non-thesis track)

Social Psychology (Thesis and Non-thesis tracks)

Society & Culture (Thesis and Non-thesis tracks)


Admission Requirements
Note: The full requirements are specified in the Hebrew site.

For the thesis track:  a minimum B.A. average of 85.

For the non-thesis track:  a minimum B.A. average of 80.

Additionally, requirements include an academic recommendation letter.  Applications should also include answers to the Department's application questionnaire and an updated B.A. grades list.  Admission is on a competitive basis. The Department Admissions Committee seeks those students with the highest potential for success in their studies. The Committee will evaluate each application and make its recommendations to the University M.A. committee.