Graduate Program in Society and Culture

Director:  Prof. Tova Gamliel

The Graduate Program in Society and Culture offers students theoretical and intellectual foundations in sociological and anthropological thought, and the tools critically to study and analyze a variety of social and cultural phenomena. 

The track focuses on core scientific, intellectual, and research foundations. It is designed for students wishing to further their understanding of human societies in general, of Israeli society in particular, and of a variety of topics such as:  societal structures; relations between society and the state; collective identities; culture and society; nationalism; and globalization. The Program develops students' conceptual and analytical sociological capabilities, and furthers their understanding of the structural and cultural attributes of social life. 

Specific examples of topics this Program studies are:  civil society and institutions;social inequality; social conflict; power and control; family and community; gender; ethnicity; religion and spirituality; social movements; social resistance; collective memory; and cultural performance.   

The Program includes both a research track (with thesis) and a non-thesis track.