Graduate Program in Organizational Consulting

The complexity of modern organizational reality (in Israel and elsewhere) places a premium on organizational research and organizational consulting. The Organizational Consulting Track recognizes that organizations are complex social worlds. Their ability to face heightened competitive pressures and financial and economic uncertainties largely depends on their inner social dynamics. Additionally, in recent years there has been growing emphasis on organizations’ social responsibilities. Organizational consultants are required not only to acknowledge the social complexity of organizational life, but to develop the ability to analyze this complexity, to identify the forces that shape it, and to deal with its consequences. The curriculum broadens and deepens students’ knowledge of sociology and anthropology with an emphasis on how these tools illuminate contemporary organizational realities, economic and corporate aspects of globalization, labor market structures and developments, institutional dimensions of contemporary business environments, and other related issues. The Program offers students both theoretical and practical resources to understand complex organizations and to offer consulting to a wide range of organizations:  Hi-Tech and Low-Tech, public and private, profit and non-profit.

The Program is a non-thesis program.