Ph.D. Program

 Director: Prof. Ori Schwartz

Doctoral candidates are expected to acquire a broad and in-depth knowledge of Sociology and/or Anthropology. The PhD candidate’s course program is individually prepared, in consultation with the Department’s Committee for Advanced Studies and with the student's supervisor.  At least six credit hours are required.

For students needing to supplement their knowledge in Sociology and/or Anthropology, a supplementary program will be formulated on an individual basis.

Doctoral candidates must pass a proficiency exam during the first semester of their studies, and submit a research proposal at the end of their first year. The proposal is subject to the approval of both the Department and the University Doctoral Committee.


Admission Requirements 

Admission to doctoral studies is highly competitive.  It is generally conditional on either the completion of a Master's theses in sociology and/or anthropology (or a related field), or admission to a direct track to the Ph.D. after one year of outstanding work in sociology and anthropology at the Master's level.  Candidates are judged in terms of their research experience and potential, as well as the fit between their research interests and those of available thesis advisors.  The language of instruction is Hebrew, although most reading is in English. Written work and the thesis are ordinarily submitted in Hebrew, although work (as well as the dissertation) may be submitted in English (subject to prior approval). 

Candidates should apply formally only after they have verified that a faculty member is willing in principle to supervise them. Candidates should contact potential supervisors directly, and provide them with a one-page outline of their research question or interest. 

Additional information regarding Admission Requirements and the Program of Study is available on the Hebrew web site. 

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