Ori Schwarz-Research projects

Sonic styles and sonic habitus

This project explored perceived intergroup differences in the production of sounds and sensitivities to sounds; the discursive construction of these differences; the meanings associated with sonic practices; their relation to emotional styles and modes of engagement with nature; and the manipulation of these differences in judgment of everyday sonic practices and performances. A special attention was given to the use of perceived sonic differences in ethnic, class and national boundary-work and stigmatization. I distinguished between sonic styles and sonic habitus while exploring the complex relationship between discourses on loudness and corporeal habits and sensitivities. Data consisted of interviews, focus groups, and online discussion, reviews and reader-comments.

Farterism: cultural judgment and ethics of aesthetics in the age of radical suspicion

This project explored the rise of 'farterism'—a discursive category that emerged in Israel during the 1990s to denounce vain pretence—and its use in cultural judgment in various fields (including architecture, cinema, culinary etc.). Relying on analysis of newspaper articles and online user-reviews and reader comments, I showed how this category reflects an emerging radical suspicion of cultural hierarchies and cultural judgment as arbitrary and deriving from hidden social interests. This lay sociology of culture supports the emergence of a new ethic of aesthetic judgment, the hedonistic ethic of authenticity.