Hizky Shoham- Selected Publications

  • Carnival in Tel-Aviv: Purim and the celebration of urban Zionism (Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2014).
  • Israel Celebrates: Jewish Holidays and Civic Culture in Israel (Boston & Leiden: Brill, 2017).
  •  [For full articles, see https://biu.academia.edu/HizkyShoham]
  • “’A Birthday Party, Only a Little Bigger’: A Historical Anthropology of the Israeli Bat Mitzvah,” Jewish Culture and History 16, 3 (2016): 275-292.
  •  “’Buy Local’ or ‘Buy Jewish’? Separatist Consumption in Interwar Palestine,” International Journal of Middle East Studies 45, 3 (2013): 469-489.
  •  “Rethinking Tradition: From Ontological Reality to Assigned Temporal Meaning,” European Journal of Sociology 52, 2 (2011): 313-340.
  •  “‘A huge national assemblage’: Tel Aviv as a pilgrimage site in Purim celebrations (1920–1935),” Journal of Israeli History 28, 1 (2009): 1-20.
  •  “A Zionist Desire for Urbanism: The Purim Balls in Interwar Tel Aviv,” Zionism as a Cultural Movement, Eds. Rachel Rojansky & Israel Bartal, Boston: Brill, forthcoming.