Dr. Galit Bareket Danieli


    Galit Bareket Danieli is a sociologist examining gender, ethnicity and organizations. Her research focuses on the examination of the intersection of gender, class, race and ethno-nationality categories. She studied the connection between welfare state organization that produces ethnic, class and gender construction and the meaning employees, the so called, "middle class Mizrahi women", attach to gender, class and ethnicity categories in their workplace. Her study corresponds with central theories in the sociological discourse (intersectionality; inequality regime; diversity management) and even enriches them by the term "homogeneity regime" that she coined out of ethnographic findings. Dr. Bareket Danieli, was also a member of a team, examining the Multiple institutional logics of state-organizations against economic abuse survivors in Israel. Lately, Dr. Bareket Danieli explores cultural diversity in organizations and symbolic minority (tokenism) in organization, by examine the Ethiopian minority in professional jobs.

    Last Updated Date : 02/08/2022