Dr. Shlomo Guzmen-Carmeli

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Wednesday 10:00-12:00 by appointment by email

Dr. Shlomo Guzmen Carmeli is a lecturer in the Sociology and Anthropology Department of Bar-Ilan University. He completed his doctoral studies in 2015, also at Bar-Ilan University. His research fields of interest and specialization are text and society; the ethnography of Jewish communities; the anthropology of knowledge and learning; anthropology and sociology of religion and Judaism; Anthropology of medical research; separatist communities and ritual healing. He wrote articles on these subjects that were published in scientific forums in Israel and abroad. His book Encounters around the Text, Ethnography of Judaisms (2020), won the Bahat Grant for outstanding academic manuscripts for 2017. 

Research fields
  • Text and society
  • Anthropology of medical research
  • Ethnography of Jewish communities
  • Anthropology of knowledge and learning
  • Anthropology and sociology of religion and Judaism
  • Separatist communities
  • Ritual healing
  • Ethnography of Religious Life
  • Qualitative Research
  • Separatist Groups and Communities
  • Key Issues in Culture Studies                                                           
  • Introductions to Anthropology
  • Israeli society


  • Advanced Qualitative Research Methods.
  • Key Issues in the Study of Israeli Society.