Ms. Stav Shufan-Biton


    Stav Shufan-Biton is a PhD candidate at Bar Ilan University, in the fields of sociology and anthropology. Her fields of research are the sociology of religion, sociology of time and Israeli sociology. Her PhD dissertation focuses on the Israeli day of Shabbat, instructed by Prof. Nissim Leon and Dr. Hizky Shoham.

    As part of her study, Stav has been interviewing young Jewish men and women in Israel. She wishes to examine the weekend in Israel as a “glocal” case of weekend studies, based on the construction of Shabbat as having a twofold meaning: a particular (religious, cultural, and national) meaning on the one hand, and a universal (social, consumerist, and civil) one on the other.

    Research fields

    Another supervisor outside the department: Dr. Hezki Shoham (Program for Interpretation and Cultural Studies)

    Last Updated Date : 17/03/2021