Prof. Galit Ailon

03 7384037
405, Bldg. 213
שעות קבלה
Wednesday 11:45-12:45

    Associate Professor Galit Ailon is an economic and organizational sociologist. Her research primarily focuses on the study of culture and discourse in work contexts and in financial markets. Examples include the study of the social construction of national identity in global corporations, the analysis of representations of corporate financial scandals in the popular business media, and the study of the development of popular financial culture. Her most recent research project is a theoretical analysis of economic intersubjectivity in market society.   

    תחומי מחקר
    • Organizational Culture 
    • Financial Culture
    • Economic Sociology
    • Economic and Managerial Discourse
    • Organizational Globalization


    Last Updated Date : 09/10/2023