Dr. Galit Ailon

Director, Departmental Ph.D.Committee
Dr. Galit Ailon
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Dr. Ailon received her Ph.D. from the Department of Labor Studies at Tel-Aviv University. Her research, consisting of ethnographic fieldworks as well as textual and discourse analyses, has primarily focused on the study of culture and power in organizations and financial markets. Exploring the social construction of identity and national culture in global work contexts, her work unraveled the political subtexts inherent in cross-cultural organizational realities as well as in theoretical accounts of these realities. Moreover, she studied representations of corporate financial scandals in the popular business media, thus analyzing the social construction of corporate power and failure within a broader cultural perspective. In her most recent research project, Dr. Ailon studies popular financial culture.  



Research fields: 
  •  Organizational Culture 
  • Financial Culture
  • Economic Sociology
  • Organizational Theory 
  • Economic and Managerial Discourse
  • Organizational Globalization