Israel Science Foundation Research Workshop

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Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation

Religion and Social Change

5 - 7 June 2023


Religion and Social Change: Intersections between Conservative Religious Groups and Liberal Values.


The workshop centers on the intersection between conservative religious groups and modern liberal values. It will investigate processes of social change that are taking place in these communities as they adapt modern liberal values to fit their agendas and ways of life, side by side being changed by these values in ways that have influence on society at large. The different papers will explore themes such as gender equality, sexuality, pluralism, democracy, self-fulfillment and individual authority (versus collective authority); these themes represent pressing questions for contemporary religious groups and reflect a struggle between preservation and change. 


Organizer: Michal Pagis, Bar Ilan University


The Workshop is open to registered participants only.


Worskshop Program


The workshop is generously funded by:

The Israel Science Foundation

The Schnitzer Foundation for Research on the Israeli Economy and Society at Bar-Ilan University

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Bar Ilan University